"Find Your Roots" Unisex T-Shirt.

"Find Your Roots" Unisex Black Tank.

"Find Your Roots" Purple/Teal Tank.

"Find Your Roots" Sweatshirt.

Buddha Pants.

Tie Dye Yoga Pants.

Tie Dye T-Shirt Dress.

Tie Dye Pullover.

Tie Dye Zippered Pullover.

Hemp Hydrate CBD Water 3mg.

CBD Lip Fix 4mg.

CBD Bath Bombs 15mg.

CBD Face Spray 50mg.

CBD Soothing Bath Soak 50mg.

Water Soluble Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture 150mg..

CBD Crystallite Isolate 1g.

CBD Skin Silk 60mg.

CBD Deep Rub 250mg.

CBD Tincture 500mg.

CBD Gel Capsules.

Single Serve CBD Samples.

Deep Rub Salve, Skin Silk, Soothing Bath Soak, Water Soluble Tincture

$15.00 or 2 for $25.00
Gemstone Bracelets.

$18.00 or 2 for $30
Lava Stone Bracelets.

Double Wrap Bracelets.

Beaded Necklace.



Custom Mala order at carrieann@goldenhealingarts.com.

Relaxing Eye Pillows

Lavender Eye Pillows
Made with Organic, Dried, French Lavender and Rice

Unscented Eye Pillows
Made with Organic Buckwheat and Rice

Additional Pillow Cover

Full Spectrum High CBD Salve 4oz.

High CBD Bath Bombs 50mg.

Relax & Unwind High CBD Loose Leaf Tea 4oz.

4 servings per 4oz container.

Non-Slip Yoga/Barre Socks

Mat Carrying Strap

Small Sage Smudge.

Large Sage Smudge.

Palo Santo.

Thieve Waterless Hand Purifier.

Thieve Spray.

USB Essential Oil Diffuser.

ORB Essential Oil Diffuser.

Breathe Again Roll-On Oil.

Deep Relief Roll-On Oil.

Stress Away Roll-On Oil.

Tranquil Roll-On Oil.

Young Living Home Essential Oil Diffuser.

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Young Living Essential Oil Kit.

Includes 11 oils, Home diffuser and more.