Reiki is a subtle energy healing system, utilizing a quiet, direct touch of the client's clothed body to channel Ki.  Ki [key] in Japanese, or C'hi [chee] in Chinese, is the subtle energy which flows in every living thing. Ki is what an acupuncturist manipulates with needles. In Reiki, Ki is manipulated and transferred by the hands of a Reiki practitioner by touching the client's body. This is done through the use of different hand positions which cover most of the recipient's body, both front and back. It is not a form of massage, since there is no tissue manipulation, just a subtle movement of energy throughout the body. 

Our bodies expend so much energy trying to hold itself together, as we get more stressed, the harder our body has to work to hold together taking away from the energy it could be using to heal itself.  Reiki helps the body relax, loosen it's grip on itself so that it can use that energy to instead start to heal itself. 

Sessions last about an hour and many report a feeling of complete relaxation and stress reduction (as the body becomes less stressed it can focus more energy on healing and boosting the immune system). Some clients become so relaxed, that they fall asleep during a session and awaken feeling better able to cope with chronic pain, a sense of peace, and more calm approach to emotional issues.

Appointments run between 45-60 minutes and cost $60 per session or 3 sessions for $130. Cancer patients receive their first session free and pay as you are able during or after cancer treatments.  You can now book your appointment with Carrieann or her student Theresa.  See our appointment page for more information.


"I am so thankful to have found reiki.  It has made such a huge impact on my own personal healing.  It has allowed me to create a shift in my energy.  I was suffering from past traumas.  I didn’t even realize how much of my body was suffering until I was able to release the energy of past events in my life.  There were two sessions in particular that really stuck out for me.  I could physically feel the negative energy associated with that time leave my body.  Before these sessions, I had physical pain in my lower abdomen.  After… the pains had disappeared.  Truly helped on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.  Thank you Carrieann!  Introducing me to the healing powers of reiki changed so much for me.  Eternally grateful!"

A client had been suffering from HPV virus and had been treated by a doctor for over a year for the virus and it was not clearning up.  After a few Reiki sessions, she went back to the doctor for follow up treatment and the virus was completely gone along with the abdominal pain.  The only thing different thing she had done was add Reiki to her doctor's treatment regiment.  Not saying the Reiki healed her HPV but it may have allowed her body relax enough to aid in the healing process rather than fight it.