Why detox is good for the body:

In our everyday lives, we encounter various factors that contribute to excess levels of acidic waste to accumulate in our bodily tissue.  Most of us come across a great deal of stress, poor diet and environmental pollutants which can create an acidic state in our bodies.  This inhibits our body’s natural ability to balance and heal itself.  By removing toxins and heavy metals, our auto-immune system can function at optimal efficiency.  Therefore leaving us less susceptible to disease.  There are many forms of detoxing the body including powders, liquids and pills. 

How Ion Foot Detox is Different:

The Ion Foot Detox works by energizing water with positively charged ions.  As the feet soak, these ions travel through the body and attach themselves to toxic materials.  This in turn neutralizes the negative charge of the toxic substances, draws it down the body and out of the feet through osmosis.  The Ion Foot Detox is a non-invasive system which increases the body’s natural energy state, allowing the body to better heal and protect against future health problems.   

Suggested Use:

NEVER use on pregnant women or anyone with a pace maker.

Ages 5-7 should only use for 10-15 minutes

Ages 8-12 can use up to 20-25 minutes

Adults are recommended to use for 30 minutes but can use up to 45 minutes if desired

It is recommended to do the Ion Foot Detox two to three times a week for two to three weeks or until desired results.  After desired results are achieved, a 20 minute soak once a week is a great way to keep up on detoxification of the body. 

Our 5 week package is a good way to start your detox program.  This includes 1 30 minute detox soak once a week for 5 weeks.  We will help you track your progress and include an after care package to help with the continued detox process.  Cost is $120.00


First Ion Foot Detox is $15, $25 each additional appointment or $115 for the 5 Detox punch card package

Couples First Ion Foot Detox is $30, $45 for each additional appointment or $200 for 5 Detox couples punch card (couples must use at the same time)


The Ion Foot Detox is not a cure or treatment for illness or injury.  It is a system to help stimulate your body’s ability to release toxins and re-balance itself.


"Recently I have been dealing with chest pains.  While doing the ion foot detox, I could actually feel toxins being pulled from my body (especially in the chest area!)  The color of the water suggested there was toxins associated with blood clot material.  I felt an all over cleaner sensation in the body.  I could see everything that was removed in the water… yuck.  Glad to have removed all that from my body!  Thank you!" Theresa