In addition to yoga, we take a whole body approach to healing by offering Reiki sessions and Ionic Foot Detox treatments.  Carrieann is now offering these treatments at her new location: 1019 8th Street #102, Golden, CO 80401.


Ionic Foot Detoxification System.

Due to the average individual's poor diet, polluted air and high stress levels, our bodies tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of acidic waste products that weaken the body's natural defenses.  Use of a Son Lee Ion Foot Detox Bath painlessly helps your body absorb millions of negatively charged ions, which in turn alkalizes the body and tissues.  The bath helps to neutralize the toxins in your system.  It detoxifies your body, increases your energy and oxygen levels; helps with pain relief, improves your sleep and more!  Come for a complete get away - 30 minutes of relaxation and pampering.  Sessions are $25 for 30 minutes or buy 5 sessions for $115. First session is just $15!  To make an appointment, please contact Carrieann at 720-412-1148. 



Reiki is a subtle energy healing system, utilizing a quiet, direct touch of the client's clothed body to channel Ki.  Ki [key] in Japanese, or C'hi [chee] in Chinese, is the subtle energy which flows in every living thing. Ki is what an acupuncturist manipulates with needles. In Reiki, Ki is manipulated and transferred by the hands of a Reiki practitioner by touching the client's body. This is done through the use of different hand positions which cover most of the recipient's body, both front and back. It is not a form of massage, since there is no tissue manipulation, just a subtle movement of energy throughout the body.

Sessions last about an hour and many report a feeling of complete relaxation and stress reduction (as the body becomes less stressed it can focus more energy on healing and boosting the immune system). Some clients become so relaxed, that they fall asleep during a session and awaken feeling better able to cope with chronic pain, a sense of peace, and more calm approach to emotional issues. 

Carrieann has been a Reiki practitioner for 5 years, a Reiki Master for 3 years.  She has worked with clients from all walks of life with varying issues from emotional to physical.  As a Cancer survivor, she understands the impact trauma can have on the body.  She listens to you and your body to help you better understand what it is trying to tell you and help you move forward with life in a positive manner.

Appointments run between 60-75 minutes and cost $65 per session or 3 sessions for $150. Cancer patients receive their first session free and pay as you are able during or after cancer treatments.  To make an appointment, please contact Carrieann at 720-412-1148.