Yoga, You, Colds and Flu

Yoga, Colds and Flu
Yoga is a fantastic way to stave off colds and flu. But if you’ve already found yourself with that scratchy throat or tickly nose, it can help you deal with your illness now that it’s trying to take root in your body. Whichever the case, a regular practice can help you to stay healthy through the winter months. 
A main contributor to colds and flu is stress and lack of rest. Let’s face it, as Americans, we go, go, go. When Daylight Savings rolls around, we try to fit our old routine of go, go, go into fewer daylight hours – often at the expense of rest, proper diet and exercise. Here’s the thing, it’s not too late to come up with a New Year’s resolution (or “New Year’s revolution,” as we at the studio like to call them). A consistent practice is a perfect resolution for 2014.
Downward-facing dog will not cure the common cold. However, yoga can help you to slow down and get the rest and relaxation your body needs. It is an amazing way to counter stress. The physical movement associated with asana (the physical postures of yoga) can help you …
• take your mind off the daily stresses of work, home and the constant list building of To Do’s for the week.
• focus yourself on taking full, deep inhalations and exhalations – getting those germs out of your body.
• get the rest and relaxation that comes with a restorative class (Check out Jolene’s yoga nidra class on our schedule. We also plan on adding a restorative class in the very near future.)
Kick That Cold/Flu:
So. The little bugs are making a home in your sinuses, throat and chest. Yoga can also help in getting these little suckers out. Asana, in the midst of a cold or flu, can help you …
• detoxify through movement. (Check into a flow class … GY&HA has many to choose from), where there is stretching, breathing and twisting.
• detoxify through sweating. (You’ve spoken and we’ve listened. Please keep your eyes on the schedule, as we will be adding “Hot” classes to our offerings.)
• hydrate/re-hydrate. Who doesn’t need a gallon of water after a good yoga session?!
• rest. Any movement, while you are sick, is a good way foster much-needed sleep. Although we suggest you not snooze through savasana.
Whether you are in the grips or just looking to steer clear of illness this winter season, yoga can help you stay happy, healthy and productive through these long winter months. Here’s to your health!
See you on the mat!
Matthew Seckinger and the Golden Yoga & Healing Arts staff
Matthew is a native Minnesotan, Colorado transplant. He is a writer, poet, dog-lover, nature freak, music fan, athlete, and yogi -- teacher and dedicated practitioner. His deep love for yoga stems from the idea that mind, body and spirit must work together in order to live fully, in order to live yoga off the mat. Matthew teaches a Sunrise Vinyasa Flow on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7-8am here at Golden Yoga & Healing Arts. Come join Matthew in the studio for an OMazing start to your day!