New Year it is not to soon!

Start thinking because it is going to be time for New Year's Resolutions!!

You are probably thinking to yourself, already? We are sliding into the holidays. If you are like myself, that involves running around, constantly shopping, and not really checking in with myself. Before I know it the holidays are over, my pocket book is almost empty, and I feel frizzled from all the traveling. This year I am going to think ahead, so when the New Year rolls around I am going to kick things right into gear. Most people that have bad habits want to quit cold turkey but then when people fail they become really hard on themselves. Bad habits continue and people keep struggling.

If you start playing around now with your idea of resolutions you have plenty of time to start the transformation. Slowly start pulling bad habits out of your routine and by the time January 1, 2014 rolls around you are ahead of the game.

Some advice from me is to "Take it one day at a time"! Also, when creating a resolution make it a positive, present statement as if it is already happening. Plant your seeds to a New Year!

Speaking of the New Year look for our Beginners Workshops at Golden Yoga & Healing Arts coming in January 2014!