Finding Gratefulness

Gratefulness is something we talk a lot about, especially in November but what does it really mean? How does one become grateful? Act in a grateful manner? When did being grateful become a competition? You see grandiose statements on Facebook about being grateful but does saying it on Facebook make it real?

These are questions I have been asking myself lately. How do I be grateful, act grateful and what am I grateful for? I am grateful for yoga. I know that sounds silly but really, yoga saved my life. I was at a pretty low point in my life, pretty messed up and by the grace of all that is good, I made it through without anything huge happening. Yoga helped me be grateful for myself and everyone around me again. Doing yoga helped me realize I wasn’t a burden or that I didn’t need to run from myself, but be grateful for the life I live.

I had the gift of getting to open my own studio, I know that is not something everyone gets or wants but through some lining up of the universe, I was able to open one. Grant you I knew NOTHING about teaching yoga or the business of yoga but I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity go. Golden Yoga & Healing Arts is my grateful place.

I am working on showing my body I am grateful it made it through everything that it did and all the things it still has to go through by feeding it good food, sleeping and honoring the quiet time it needs. It doesn’t always happen but then I thank my body for being patient, and go back to treating it with kindness and gratitude.

I try to show my family how grateful I am that they are by my side, in my life and for choosing me as their mother by trying to not get so mad when my teenager makes stupid decisions. Or when everyone is glued to their social media and the house feels like it is full of zombies. By staying calm, most of the time, and making a simple change of limiting time on electronics each night and trying to have one sit down dinner a week. This way, we can show each other what it looks to be grateful, face-to-face.

I am working on ways to show my community how grateful I am to be a part of it. There are so many more things and people I am grateful for but some days I am just grateful that I woke up.

Living a grateful life, It is a lifelong practice of finding ways to show, live and feel grateful and there is no right or wrong, no one’s way is better than yours, it is just different.

What does being grateful look like to you? Gratitude starts with being grateful to yourself. Yes, you being grateful to you, is how you show others how to be grateful. Once your cup is full of self love, and gratitude, then you can help spread it to others-giving them permission to do the same.

I challenge you to do one thing for yourself, that shows gratitude towards the higher you and send me a message on Facebook, reply to this blog or instagram a photo of yourself showing your gratitude to you. We can start a grateful movement of self care. It only takes a spark to start that movement and it has to start with you.

Much Love and Light