Since completing cancer treatments, I have been looking for ways to naturally take care of my family.  I like to refer to it is filling my toolbox full of tools for my families health. We each have the ability to find ways to naturally care for ourselves and our bodies.  Essential oils have been a huge tool in the toolbox for my family.  We use them in all aspects of our life from cleaning to caring for the every day aches and pains.  They are my first line of defense, I like to go to them before I go to the drug store items. 

I have to admit, when I first heard about essential oils I thought about the good smelling oils that I used to get from the natural health food stores.  I thought they were nice but not sure what they could really do for my family.  I wasn't until I started doing research on 100% pure essential oils that I began to realize they can do more for you than just smell good.  That research led me to Young Living Essential Oils.  I have looked into the other pure essential oils on the market along with the organic ones from the health food stores and nothing impresses me more that Young Living.  I had the privilege of spending the weekend last spring in the lavender fields in Utah and if I wasn't a fan before, I would totally be a fan now.  The difference is the love, I know that sounds corny but truly they love their plants, the process and the oils.  They hand weed the fields and hand cut the lavender.  They use essential oils to clean the distillation machinery that is right there at the field.  After they distill the oils, they hand filter, yes hand filter the oils!  The seed to seal promise is something you cannot get anywhere else.  There is so much information I would love to share with you so if you have questions, please feel free to contact me at  If you are interested and ready to order, please see us at the following web page